Love Quotes for Every Occasions

Love Quotes for Every Occasions

Every new thing which leads you to some individual, memorable moment requires a sense of love to be felt. Love is support for everything which in return needs a ray of hope to begin something beautiful to a great start of life. Starting a perfect beginning with a pinch of love in every single moment helps you make the best of your life decision. Reaching the peak of the value with respect makes sense to accelerate your relationships by holding your loved ones at your side always. It gives you strength and support to achieve all the success with that feeling of affection called love. 

Love Quotes for Him

#1. This is the time when I finally found my most authentic form of love when the first time my eyes saw you and my heart got connected to you, that’s where the sparks started dazzling the feeling of love in between us.

#2. Expressing my love for you every day gives me strength and support to face this world without any fear of not having you. I can feel you that’s where I need you the most.
#3. A desire of being in love with you is always inside me to see you happy in every situation.
#4. A tender part of love is sweet to you each moment making our relationship healthy and creating each moment a memorable one.

#5. You are the one who showed me the real sense and meaning of love by keeping me the way I am, and that’s how you made me feel special being myself.
#6. The feeling of eternity ends on finding a loved one like you. You cross my mind each moment to make me feel your presence. I love you to the core.
#7. I get stuck to that love song when it makes me feel that love is you and the song heard is for you. Be with me forever.
#8. Love is when my eyes search for you, and I found that you were already into my eyes with your deep thoughts by staring me.
#9. Even that silence makes me feel good, and my heart goes dancing just by maintaining that silent sense between us. Even a silence phase is needed in love to understand.
#10. Love defines the two beautiful and sparkling soul of life that is us. And it is felt the most when you are not around, and I feel empty without you.

Love defines the two beautiful and sparkling soul of life that is us

Love Quotes for Her

#11. I love you so much that I can’t express my love for you the way you are. You have completed me entering into my life as a world full of happiness by coloring my life with your joy.
#12. A peaceful place with some songs and a soothing climate and only two of us on the dance floor will make our day as perfect t as you always wanted. Beautiful complete date of happiness.
#13. You are the song of my heart that always wanted to feel for you and waited long for you. Now you are here; I don’t want you to go from here.
#14. I adore your smile, your sadness, your emotions, your feelings and every drop of tears that makes you sad I wanted to take that from your life to keep you smiling.
#15. You are my true love of living like a two-body in a soul. A lucky charm to explore my life in a more happening way with whom I can be myself.
#16. We are that mad, crazy, fun loving and full of insane stuff that makes us love more stronger being together to support our love. I love you like stupid.
#17. You are the perfect one & only person to fit in my arms to make it fill with your warmness. Nobody can replace you.
#18. I’m awarded to the queen of my life, by holding your hands forever into mine. Kissing your forehead is a treasure that I will respect you for the whole life.
#19. I promise to make our relation on the cloud nine by walking till heaven together. Your touch makes me melt and sing my heart out.
I promise to make our relation on the cloud nine by walking till heaven together.
#20. You are the one that I have always prayed, for; I finally got you. I have a lifelong plans to spend my whole life with you at each and every moment with you forever and ever.

Cute Love Quotes

#21. Daily by expressing my love for you and telling you that I love you is one of my favorite hobby that I never want to get rid off. I have to adapt it to my nerves to repeat these words for you.
#22. You are the only path of joyful moments that I have spent and I want to cherish it forever as you have filled that space at the center of my love.
#23. I have found a land of heaven in my heart, and that is you, I want to create fantastic dreams and love with you forever as a memory of our love.
#24. Love is when you are in your comfort zone with each other without getting judged. The cutest smile, the naughty giggles and endless talk depicts the real sense of love.

#25. An emotion expressed each day each moment in a different possible manner aiming that you are in deep love with each other.
#26. Sitting with you on a beach with the most romantic sunset scene should be our type of the best and cutest date that I want to spend with you.
#27. You have always been the bright shine after every storm I face and here I’m very thankful to you for being with me on such moments.
#28. My love for you is very much passionate and a step of paradise to make you feel overwhelmed about us. I love you wholeheartedly.
#29. You are the reason that I’m alive, and you have given me a reason to live forever with your love in my heart.
You are the reason that I’m alive
#30. I want to be your first and last feeling of every hugs, kisses, date and a soul mate loving each other forever in every choice.

Funny Love Quotes

#31. So finally I realized that besides my chocolate I have a space for you in my heart and my life, but also chocolate plays an essential role to me after you.
#32. By walking in the rain and getting wet twice to make you feel special by kissing you in middle of the rainy climate to make us happy and to get unwell together.
#33. I think to express my love for you because I had a sharp espresso coffee shot and it feels like admiring the feelings I have for you.
#34. I learned a lesson that women are not meant to be understood because they can’t be. Instead, they are intended to be love by making them realize what love is.
#35. I get scared when I see you ones you are awake and that’s the time I want to tell you that I love you, even more, when I look at you in a most cranky & funny way.
#36. Holding a glass of wine with you on the dance floor makes me feel conscious about you dancing. But I still feel the love alive in us with the glass of wine.
#37. Oh god! I fall in love ones again with the craziness of a tomboy girl like you. Even though people are saying lessons of life are free, but they are at the cost of people’s living which is much more expensive.
#38. I think I will choose food over you because they are the must having a thing for to keep us alive and then I’ll think of picking you to fulfill my love too.
#39. I respect you forever moment you have been harassing me in every possible way but make sure that I’ll harass you to keep your happy life long forever.
I respect you forever moment
#40. I will nurture you like a small baby and pamper you to be with me to keep a smile on your face which is my peaceful happiness.

Short Love Quotes

#41. Your cute innocence smile, your laughter, your kind big heart makes me go crazier for the love I have for you.
#42. Love is like a raindrop in life. A droplet of it makes it cool all over the place of anger
#43. You are the rainbow of my sadness which blossoms during the earthquakes of my life.
#44. Stars that shine the brightest in the sky is the shining star of my life because it’s you.
#45. You are my soul in my body and a beat every heart needs to stay alive.
#46. An essential part of breathing every day to make my life starts with you and ends with you. You are the true essence of my breathing.
#47. One of the best wisdom of feelings is love, and it becomes more special when that love is for you.
#48. True love is the real pinch of salt and sugar in everyone’s life to keep it going.

#49. I fall asleep in your arms like a baby falls asleep in their mother’s arm.
I fall asleep in your arms like a baby falls asleep in their mother’s arm.
#50. Real love needs no promises only a real intimacy of understanding and trust is required.

Inspirational Love Quotes

#51. Love is not just a word, but a responsibility two people take towards each other to keep happy and fill their life with endless happiness.
#52. Being fear of not loving someone is the thing which brings all your fear out and loves you wholeheartedly by removing your fear of loving someone.
#53. Love is a power of loving yourself first then you would fall into the peace with getting someone love you more than you like yourself infinitely.
#54. Ones you are comfortable with the distance of your love phase than you succeed with the longtime goals of walking together with each other.
#55. Love will find its way to enter your heart and make you feel the presence of love in you. Also to make you feel how to give love and to accept the genuine feeling of love.
#56. You are the music tone of my life which beats in my heart to set our love on fire with the fantastic musical moments to inspire my musical charm news.
#57. By loving someone and being loved in return is the amazing inspiration of lovers to observe and go through their auspicious moments that will awake the feeling of love inside you as well.
#58. Love is an intense touch of intimacy to give you strength by keeping your head high to overcome all the problem of life.
#59. Love is such an inspirational thing to all the lovers. It gives you a quality of being physically and emotionally strong to succeed you in dealing any difficulties in life.
Love is such an inspirational thing to all the lovers
#60. A precious thing in life to thank of is love. An art of inspiration as persistence of love like a flower in the garden which daily blossoms to hug u.

Famous Love Quotes

#61. As we can’t see the wind, we just feel it as a presence of air, the same way we can’t see love, but we can feel it and express our emotions by loving someone.
#62. Love is like a ride that makes your world goes around you. It is a feeling that you feel like a roller coaster ride that makes you feel happy to be with.
#63. Love is an unconditional aspect of hope, trust, understanding, strength and supporting backbone towards each other at every stage of life.
#64. A discovery of recognition of happiness being together is found in love. It is to find your happiness in others by rediscovering it.
#65. A mutual understanding of setting your life goals into a compatible situation and holding each other’s hand with love is what matters the most.
#66. I love you from the deep strings of my heart which shouts aloud the emotions I’m carrying for you. Our love story will be the unique ones to feel love.
I love you from the deep strings of my heart
#67. Love is always finding a new path of journey crossing tour way along with your absence to find one. It is like a river crossing a blockage.
#68. Love is very delicate; it’s like a thread. Even the smallest misunderstanding can tear you way apart. Understanding is the significant role of dedicated love for each other.
#69. Growing up along with you gives me the energy to get along with the flow to love you more intensely and deeply.
#70. Love is a polished feeling enhances to make your feelings grow much stronger and embraced with the emotion of love.

Love Quotes for Mom

#71. Mother is a person without her every human being is incomplete. No one can fill the space of mother. All hearts love kind-hearted women.
#72. Mom is a problem solver to every solution we face whether it could be a bad or a good one. They are the one who understands you completely to keep you happy.
#73. One of the most significant and essential parts that God has blessed me with is Mom. A person who takes care of me every minute and every second of my life.
#74. No matter how big you grew, mother always cares for her children like she uses to care for us when we were small. She’s the best teacher, fantastic counselor and best of the friend whom I adore a lot in my whole life.
#75. Mothers are the soft-hearted person as well as the spine steel hard person to sustain everything for ourselves and provide us with the best return on everything.
#76. Warm, sweet, cute, caring, lovable is all the thing that someone’s needs to go inside my heart and check it what actually you are to me in my life. And that’s you, my Mom.
#77. Strong and healthy hearted women and selfless soul lady can oy be my favorite person who leads my life at the top of successful goals in my life. You are my comfort zone of hugs and kisses which you deserve.
#78. To have a mother like you is always like a fabulous fairyland, a fantastic corner of the comfort zone and a magical air of love. Being your kid is the best thing ever happened to me.
#79. Mom, you are the one to whom I had seen when I first opened my eyes. I pray to God to give you the strength of health and wealth so that we can grow like this forever.
Mom, you are the one to whom I had seen when I first opened my eyes
#80. You are the princess of our soft shell to make our family keep going with your presence by abiding us together. Keep us going like this way by showering your blessings upon us.

Love Quotes for Father

#81. Dad’s are always the first superhero to every girl, and a father who is having daughters are the blessed father and a number one Superman to them. I love you dad for being with me.

#82. A strong person like my dad feels like shining pride in my success and gives me more strength to become a successful person in life also accepts me with the failures and motivates me to succeed for further. I love you, dad.
#83. My father is my inspiration and an adventurous hero who guides me so well to come out from the stuck up situations of life. Here why he’s my biggest supporter, I love you a lot daddy.
#84. Girls first king and the protector is their dad, and I pray to get a good husband like him. Being a girl, I’ll never settle anything less than a guy like my dad. Love you, dear father!
#85. My father is my best buddy and the best coach in the world, and without him I’m nothing. I always want my father to be by my side.
#86. I want to be like my father, a hard-working man who always completes my all desires and my needs without letting us down. Great respect for a hard working man. Blessed to have such father. I love you, my hard-working man.
#87. He is a person who taught me a game and taught me how to play it alone to succeed this game of life. He’s the best person. My father, my dad, my friends, my hero. Love you dad!
#88. My father is a world of fascination who taught me patience, respect for girls and fight for life at every stage to get success on your doors. Cheers for my dad. Love you!
My father is a world of fascination who taught me patience
#89. Despite all the pain, he suffers. Still, a smile on my dad’s face gives me the strength to become like him. Even after all the pain, he gulps it down and provides affection to his children’s. This is how dad’s love is.
#90. Sacrificing all the happiness and loving me unconditionally is what my dad is. His love is portraying a true sense of a super king. I love my dad till my last breath.

Love Quotes for Sister

#91. Sisters are one of the best companions a girl can ever have in their life. Even after I being married I can’t forget those lovely moments shared with you. I love you sister.
#92. You are the one with whom I can be myself and your shoulder to cry on, and your arms are open to hug me and make me laugh. I can’t let you go ever. Love you sissy.
#93. You are the sweetest spice of my life to cheer it up with your smile. A sister for life is what I always thought of having in my life. Love you di!
#94. No matter how apart you are from me, but you will always be in my heart. A precious lifetime sister is what you are to me, and you mean so much to me. Stay blessed and loving you much more.
#95. To have you is like to gain a lifetime partner in crime who loves you simply because you are you. And here’s a big hug to my partner in crime. I love you babes.
#96. I’m fortunate to have a person like you in my life who is a beautiful shelter to me, and I know where do I belong to. A sister probably like you I can’t find anywhere. I love you, sis.
#97. No matter how much do we fight or we argue, a sister is a one who is here and never leaves your side even in anger. She entered your life to make it more beautiful.
#98. Traveling life’s new journey, I want you to be there as a backbone to my path. Happy to have a sweet sister like you.
#99. I’ll only have you if you are more generous than my solitude to brighten up my darkest life. Love you my brightness angel.
I’ll only have you if you are more generous than my solitude
#100. Blessings are having you as an extra sense of loving and caring nature to understand your thoughts and feelings. It’s always you my sister. I love you.

Love Quotes for Friend

#101. Friends are god’s gift sent for us to appreciate the blessings from another mother because God knows that if we were sisters our mother won’t be able to handle us together.
#102. A true friend is someone who walks with you miles and miles just to be with you when the rest of the world has stepped off.
#103. Friends are the one to whom we met as a stranger and now became an integral part of life which can’t be ignored in any circumstances.
#104. Life is so small if you think it through, and I have so less time to spend with you my friend but will make sure to make every moment the special one.
#105. My friend is like a diary in which I maintain my day to day record, and I can’t lose to have it because she knows every personal page of it.
#106. Life is not to have millions of friends but a single friend who is essential to that in a million. A friend for life to be with a one to have a blind trust and faith on.
#107. A real friend like you is an irreplaceable part of my life who is faithful to me always and there to the right me where I’m going wrong. Happy to have you in my life.
#108. A friend is someone who gives you all the freedom to be yourself indeed in your space and always a responsibility to owe you your freedom.
#109. A true friend shows up in your worst times of trouble and supports you than to be in your happiness.
A true friend shows up in your worst times
#110. Being a friend, there are times of silence, joy and let go of things and people. Try to be with your friend to collect those broken pieces to find their pathway.
Hope these points of showing up love on every occasion help you to find your happiness and love in every aspect of life. Cheers!

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